Mission: Impossible

Taking on the Nation.

The Mission: Impossible franchise is, incredibly, 19 years old, with five films under its belt and close to $3 billion in box office receipts. Time, then, to look at how it all happened...

As both a reminder for existing fans and an introduction to new ones, Paramount Pictures International commissioned us to create the official site to act as a retrospective content hub. This would highlight the series’ most memorable moments, key characters and stunning locations. Go and explore...

The question

How do you create a 19 year, five-movie retrospective?

The answer

A single-page content hub, guiding the user back through Ethan Hunt’s missions via an easy-to-understand annotated timeline.

It’s honestly better than it sounds.

Ethan on the go.

The site is fluid so you can flick back over your favourite Ethan Hunt moments, whenever you feel the urge.

With such cinematic heritage to cover, the challenge was to create a website that was true to five movies rather than the normal one.

Chris Edwards
Managing Partner

Abort, Ethan! Abort!

Sorry, had to be done.
Okay, what's next?


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