Paper Towns

Get lost, get found.

Based on a book from the best-selling young adult author John Green, Paper Towns needed a site aimed directly at – you guessed it – young adults. This meant a mobile-first design that delivered the usual official site content in an interactive narrative that, like the film itself, encouraged the wonder of discovery.

Acting as a hub for all digital marketing activity worldwide, the resulting Tumblr hosted the trailer, gallery and story sections in a modern way, marketed directly at a younger generation. Accessible, shareable, changeable, this naturally dynamic site was perfect for teenagers in all international markets to get their hands on.

The question

How do you market to a younger, always online audience?

The answer

Go to them, don't expect them to come to you.

Don't waste your breath, they never listen.

A blank canvas from our client. A whole lot of expectation from the fans.

Chris Edwards
Managing Partner

Ahh, to be young!

Right, back to the old school...


Terminator Genisys

Guess who’s back?


Paramount Pictures International
Site design and build / Content creation / Content strategy / Campaign management

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