Jack Reacher

Reaching New Platforms
Jack Reacher
Paramount Pictures International
The brief: 

Drive mass awareness for the Tom Cruise blockbuster through an International digital advertising campaign.

Our response: 

Work in tandem with both Yahoo! and Microsoft to create advertising that pushed boundaries on their respective platforms.

The details: 

Lee Child’s character was finally brought to the big screen with Tom Cruise in the title role. Tommy were tasked with creating a suite of digital advertising materials that ranged from easily localisable toolkit style display formats through to custom pan-regional homepage takeovers.

We worked with Yahoo! to push their platform to its limits and create an advertising experience that engaged the user and encouraged them to reach for more.

Also being a Microsoft Innovation partner allowed us to explore the possibilities within the In-App Windows 8 advertising platform. Here we created a unique advertising format that utilised touch technology and multi-gestural control to allow the user to interact with the format’s gear stick. Each unique gesture delivered a specific piece of Reacher content. All built within HTML5, if the user wished for even more content, a quick tap yielded a fully branded parallax environment chock full of information, galleries and video clips.

The lowdown: 

Digital Creative Concepting, Digital Advertising Design and Campaign Management.

The highlights: 
  • Taking an early Tommy Windows 8 prototype and seeing the format go live
  • Seeing our work be used at the Microsoft Imagine Conference
Image of Jack Reacher takeover
Image of Jack Reacher Windows 8 ad
Image of Jack Reacher Windows 8 ad expanded
Image of Jack Reacher Windows 8 ad full screen
Image of Jack Reacher Homepage Takeover
Image of Jack Reacher iPad/iPhone ads