Star Messenger

To help spread awareness of the film "Passengers", we designed "Star Messenger" as a social mechanic that would exponentially increase audience reach by enabling one-to-many sharing. With the film being a love story at heart: the experience allows you to write notes to loved ones and send them as animated stars within a 360-degree star field. Messages can also be posted instantly as 360 images to Facebook, or saved directly to your mobile device.

The experience leverages WebGL technologies and mobile orientation data to create the gyroscopic star field. We also ported Star Messenger into Snapchat as a standalone platform site within a specifically designed ad format. Like many of our projects, we build with localisation in mind: this experience ran around the globe in the build up to the film's release.

The question

How do you make your brand part of
an everyday social interaction?

The answer

Elevate the humble text message to a cosmic communication.

Moving your phone around in 'space', you could discover hot spots that unlocked exclusive film content.

We pioneered a bespoke solution that enabled users to instantly post dynamic 360 images to Facebook.

How do you organise a space party?

Give up?

You planet!

No? Right - light speed ahead!



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