The 208 Seconds Experience

Warner Bros. Pictures' release of 'Sully' required a site that looked deeper into the true event of Captain Sullenberger's emergency landing on the Hudson River. We created a single-page experience that combined footage and triggered audio clips with music, custom-designed content and parallax animation to help convey those pivotal 208 seconds. With little more than the script and Sully's autobiography as source material we were able to craft a rich narrative that charted each and every second.

The desktop design was mirrored on mobile devices using a custom-developed solution that allowed the display of the same background videos as textures on canvas. This solution was deliberately lightweight to ensure quick load times and smooth animations.

The question

How can you create an experience
that's based on a little over 3 minutes?

The answer

Weave the story of Sully's life and accomplishments into the 208 seconds, giving a broader understanding of the man and his miraculous achievements in the cockpit.

The site was a primer for the film, revealing just enough about the man and the event to entice you to want to know more.

By the time you finish reading this case study, Sully would have emergency-landed a passenger aircraft.

Brace, brace, brace yourself...

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