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Hell Fest

In CBS Film’s latest slasher, unwitting teens arrive at a huge horror-themed fairground, complete with a haunted maze, terrifying monsters and a creepy big top. Oh, and a masked serial killer on the loose. This is Hell Fest, and Halloween just got a lot more real.

Tommy’s social screams came true when challenged with creating a social campaign to support the film’s domestic release. Through a series of a meme-able thrills, we captured fans’ attention and lured them to step inside Hell Fest with social media.

An interactive Instagram story made users stop, look, and share at their peril. Reaction GIFs teased the fright-fest theme, and social videos brought users along for the ride.

So scroll through our gory story, if you dare…

Trick or treat yourself
Bleed

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Social Campaign

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24 August 2018
Chris Edwards / Co-Founder

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