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Sony’s smash-hit suspense film Searching is an innovative thriller made for the online age. Following David Kim as he frantically looks for his daughter, we see everything play out on screens within screens, with David digging through Margot’s calendar, messages, and social posts to trace her digital footprint for clues to her whereabouts.

Aiding in the hunt, Tommy leaned into this unique concept when developing it’s social content leading up to the film’s domestic and international releases. Through Instagram Stories and micro-content pieces that utilized first-frame attention-grabbing tactics, we used custom footage to put the user inside the search for missing Margot. These pieces ensured all creative helped drum up the plot’s mystery and boost awareness ahead of the film release.

An alternative film poste paid homage to the Hitchcockian classics that inspired the film

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16 August 2018
Chris Edwards / Co-Founder

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