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The 208 Seconds Experience

Did you hear the one about the guy who, in only 208 seconds, emergency landed a commercial plane on the Hudson river after being hit by birds? It may sound familiar, but perhaps not many details spring to mind.

For this reason, we created The 208 Seconds Experience for the upcoming release of 'Sully' to remind audiences of Captain Sullenberger's incredible achievement and the not-so-miraculous reasons why he was able to save the lives of over 250 people that day. They may call it the "Miracle on the Hudson", but it took a lot of training, experience and quick-thinking to pull it off. The site highlights these lesser-known details within a single-page, multi-sensory scrolling experience, and provides richer context to the film's main storyline.

Brace yourself. You're in for a ride.

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Turtles Truck picks up 2 Lovie Award’s


16 November 2016
Marcus Foley / Co-Founder

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