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Tommy becomes Tammy for International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day! If you hadn’t already noticed, today we are Tammy. A celebration of all the amazing women that we work with and an initiative to get more female creatives into the industry.

It’s widely known that our schools are full of female creative-minds, yet our industry lacks them. In 2016, only 37% percent of creative roles were filled by women. We want to help better the balance by launching a female-focused internship scheme, aimed to support the younger generation and give women in particular an opportunity to step into the industry.

For Tommy, with a team of over 50% women and a zero discrepancy between average male and female wages - it’s always been in our DNA to be inclusive, collaborative and balanced when it comes to gender equality. It’s something we believe in every day so we’re incredibly proud to play this part.

The Tammy initiative will run across all three of our offices and offer opportunities across design, development, marketing and production. Applications now open.

“I'm very excited about our Tammy initiative and offering young women the chance to explore opportunities within advertising. It’s always been a priority for me”

Amanda Leat
Group Operations Director at Tommy

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