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Turtles Truck picks up 2 Lovie Award’s

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows Tartaruga Truck experience has picked up two gongs at the 6th Annual Love Awards in the Web: Movie & Film category. Cowabunga to our new Lovie Award and The People’s Lovie Award.

The experience allowed users to explore the truck both inside and outside and combined various assets in innovative ways. The exterior of the truck was a high fidelity video render that played back on a WebGL plane. It allowed users to move the video backwards and forwards, giving the impression the truck was being rendered in real time.

In addition various hotspots could be clicked and sequenced video would play back action. The interior of the truck was created by combining photography from the set to create a panorama view with various parts of the truck supplemented with shareable GIF content.

A special thanks goes to Paramount Pictures International and the Ninjas from the special effects team for all their support.

Explore for yourself.

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Gear up, Guys!

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Awards Time

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