A Quiet Place

Breaking the Silence

In John Krasinski's sound-sensitive thriller, a family must struggle to survive in silence by avoiding terrifying aliens that are only triggered by noise. Tommy were brought on ahead of the film’s release to harness this fear and build suspense on Paramount’s global social channels.

Taking fans on an interactive journey through the film, we utilised the sound features on social to create unique, engaging content pieces that put fans on edge, encouraging them to stay as quiet as they can.

Through social videos, we introduced the main characters as sound waves that reacted to the level of terror in their voice. A mobile game asked fans to tread carefully to not disturb the creatures and Instagram stories gave the illusion of their phone’s volume increasing - each story adding to the anxiety and drama.

The intriguing premise of the film made for compelling social content that helped absorb fans into this silent post-apocalyptic world. Just whatever you do, don’t shout about it…

The question

How do we create ahead-of-the-curve, innovative content without leaking too much of the film’s plot?

The answer

Use sound features to tease the noise vs silence theme and introduce characters.

Our international in-social game was localised for 42 different territories. Players were also given multiple levels and a high-score system.

A Quiet Place topped $300 million at the worldwide box office.

Don’t make a sound...

...Tread carefully to see more.

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