Ailsa Bay Relaunch

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Here’s a whisky that wants to do things differently. From the process to the packaging, how it’s mixed to how it’s marketed.

Ailsa Bay wanted to hack the traditional Highlands setting, re-programming the story of this single malt for a generation of innovators; STEAM creatives who are more likely found in Silicon Valley than Scotland.

So we worked with only the most innovative social video formats to establish Ailsa Bay as a tech brand; Tap+hold games, screen-grabbable cocktail recipes, blueprint mosaics & geo-targeted invites to the world’s best bars & Wired events. Welcome to the future of whisky.

The question

How do you rewire the traditional whisky landscape for the tech generation?

The answer

By updating the category’s tired aesthetic with the latest social video formats

Instagram games, digital recipe cards, hyper-futuristic Christmas messaging; Ailsa Bay isn’t your average whisky.

Every time we put a bit of faith in you guys you deliver. Having a shared vision is delivering so much for us collectively - thanks so much.

Sarah Keenaghan
Global Marketing Manager - Innovation

What whisky would think to sponsor Wired Smarter 2019? The answer is Ailsa Bay.

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