Always Be My Maybe

A DOOH Love Story

For Netflix’s newest rom-com, Tommy brought fans into Sasha and Marcus’ second chance love story by leaning into the universally relatable notion of reconnecting with a long lost love.

Targeting those still thinking about their ex, we tapped into these ‘what ifs’ with an eye-catching search based DOOH campaign.

We used location-specific Google Trends data to show the popularity of ex-partner based searches in the area. Boston were more interested in ‘getting back with my ex’ than ‘new dating apps’ and Chicago wanted to know ‘how to win back my ex’ more than a ‘singles night near me’ - a reunion is clearly on the cards for some.

The DOOH formats worked across numerous high traffic commuter spots across four major US cities. Each placement also used footage from the film to tie back to the movie’s storyline, prompt viewers to watch and encourage them to make that first move. Again.

The question

How do we use innovative technology to make a rom-com stand out against the rest?

The answer

Create a collection of relatable, data-based DOOH ads that speak to people’s existing curiosity.

The campaign ran across multiple high traffic placements in Chicago, New York, Boston, San Francisco and various US airports.


Is it time to turn the one that got away into the one?

Time to move on?




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