American Gods Season Two

It’s time to choose a side

To help re-launch the popular supernatural franchise of American Gods, Tommy looked to refresh existing fan’s memories of the first season and excite a new, broader audience into watching. Set in a world where Old and New gods are at war in modern-day America, the visually stunning series centres around the two sides fighting for our attention - a theme Tommy drew on when creating this unique digital marketing campaign.

Bringing viewers further into this epic battle, Tommy created more than 700 paid and organic social videos across eight languages, featuring dubbed audio and translated on-screen dynamic captioning, giving fans all over the world a sense of impending doom when the second series hit. Through a YouTube Masthead, Amazon Gateway, Facebook Canvas and various other social pieces, we aimed to drive anticipation ahead of launch and sustain engagement for each weekly episode. Tommy also supported Amazon UK on community management to help boost conversation and engagement around the long-awaited new series.

The question

How do you relaunch a highly-anticipated series to both fans and non-fans?

The answer

Create a cryptic call-to-arms where viewers are prompted to pick a side

The digital campaign reignited fans’ love for the first series and attracted new viewers

More than 650 digital assets were produced and translated into seven languages

For the love of Gods

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