Bring it on

Thailand’s favourite energy drink is here in the UK and ready to shake up the drinks market. Why not scroll through our new site built on Tumblr? Explore their flavours and learn the story of the Carabao, the Asian water buffalo revered for its physical power, extraordinary stamina and unbreakable fighting spirit.

As the drinks company gears up for international expansion, keep up-to-date with the latest product launches and exciting partnerships that give Carabao access to 200 million football fans worldwide.

Carabao. Energy and willpower packed into a can.

The question

How do you introduce the story of
the Carabao to the UK and beyond?

The answer

Build the site experience on a social platform with a global reach.

Fuel yourself with the fighting spirit.

Free your inner Carabao.

Next case study?

Bring it on.

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