Unmask The Truth

Netflix’s latest supernatural horror-thriller Chambers centers on a young woman who, after receiving a heart transplant, begins to feel a dark possession within. The intense storyline packed full of ghost stories, death and jump-scares needed an equally mysterious microsite to match so Tommy decided to give viewers the chance to reveal their own inner truth - do we all have a darkness within?

Inspired by a key scene from the series where the lead Sasha captures her energy in an aura photography shoot, we built a microsite welcoming viewers into Crystal Valley Aura Photography to see their own spiritual signature for themselves.

Using Google Vision API facial detection, fans were asked to upload a photo of themselves and answer three questions to generate a bespoke aura. Their answers and image helped decipher which one of the eight auras they belonged to, with an additional Easter egg aura based on their facial expression. So what does your energy reveal about you?

The question

How can we make Netflix’s next horror-thriller instalment stand out and connect with their fans?

The answer

Using Google Vision API create an immersive, personalised experience that brings viewers deeper into the show

The experience generated over 400,000 unique page views.

Every living thing has energy running through it, what does yours say?

Is there a darkness within?

Don’t take it to heart...

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