Corvette Z06

Supercharged Social

Which is faster, a winged man in freefall or a sports car at the pinnacle of performance motorsport? Positioning this question in a high-impact, engaging way on social media was the apex of Tommy’s recent campaign for Chevrolet’s Europe’s Corvette Z06, the ultimate driver’s car.

Putting all 650 horsepower of the Z06 directly in the hands of Corvette lovers, Tommy created interactive Tap to Race posts for Instagram and developed a 360 degree digital showroom experience for Facebook, with both pieces innovating on standard social fare while still keeping Corvette at the focus.

Getting users involved further, Tommy created a series of Instagram Story Polls, providing Chevrolet die-hards with an outlet to voice their love of all things Corvette while testing their knowledge of everything from top speeds to V8s.

The format-busting social content Tommy created for Chevrolet's campaign has amassed nearly one million views and tens of thousands of likes. Petrol head or not, that’s a lot of power.

The question

What strategy did Tommy employ to elevate Corvette Z06 above other car brands?

The answer

Highlight the Corvette Z06’s impressive metrics, but position it as an experience, letting the visuals shine.

Tommy’s social content for the Corvette Z06 has been viewed more than one million times.

Overwhelmingly positive sentiment contributed to the success of this full throttle campaign.

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