Grant’s Whisky

Triple Good Instagram

If whisky takes 15 years to make, how do you tell that story in 5 seconds? Tommy were tasked with re-thinking Grant’s beautiful new brand film and exciting new positioning for a new generation on Instagram.

With only 2 seconds to grab an audience's attention on mobile, we mixed eye-catching visuals, with bold, dynamic typography to tell a humble Highlands story in thumb-stopping style. The campaign was Grant’s first steps in talking to a newly identified millennial audience around the world; Tommy’s work has certainly set the tone for the future.

The question

How did we tell a whisky’s 120 year old story, to a young, modern audience?

The answer

Inject a newfound pace and energy by repositioning the brand in exciting new Instagram Story formats.

Reimagining Grant’s 3-minute brand story for Instagram, we created a range of Instagram ad-products for a paid-for campaign.

Inspiring the next generation of whisky drinker to choose Grant’s.

The assets were purpose-built to be translated for multi-territory use and went live globally.

Grant's est très populaire en France!


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