Shoot for the Stars

The new season of Preacher was fast approaching, Amazon Video tasked Tommy with creating custom content to promote the show across all major social platforms and a range of formats. In preparation for these bespoke deliverables (and to our supreme pleasure), this would require our creative director to travel to New Orleans and direct a custom shoot with the talented cast of Preacher.

What began with storyboarding to allude to the shifting characters from the newest season, quickly moved through approval to become a Saturday spent collecting custom footage with Dominic Cooper, Joseph Gilgun, Ruth Negga, Ian Colletti, Graham McTavish, and Pip Torrens, the main stars of the hit show. Transported directly back to Tommy, these shots were then cut, colour-graded and edited with kinetic typography to further bring them to life. The end result was a suite of striking, high-impact custom content that wowed fans across platforms.

The question

How do you create exclusive original content, made to order and green across platforms?

The answer

Practice what you preach, get your hands dirty and bring the shoot to the client.

Getting up close and personal with a master smoulderer.

Under the blessing of an ambitious client, Tommy went straight to the source to gather premium content.

Praying for More?

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